Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yesterday I found a Twig on the Carpet.

Zara left the Twig on the Carpet.

Zara pulls Twigs off Trees. She pulls Twigs off Bushes.

Zara Brings Twigs indoors. Zara Chews Twigs.

I don't Chew Twigs. I don't Bring Twigs Indoors.

I am a Good Dog.

Then Little Pickle Takes Zara's Twig. Then Zara gets her Twig back again.

Pickle and Zara make Lots of NOISE.

I Threw Zara's Twig into the Air.

Again and Again.

Person said Pip you have Gone Silly.

Anyway, Zara can't pull Twigs off our new Clematis which is growing up the Dead Wysteria.

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