Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Know Things

It's Frosty.

I KNOW Things.

I Know that a Trump Person Plays Golf in Scotland.

I Know that Trump Person has his Own Field. (I have My Own Field too).

Trump's Field is a Golf Field.

I Know that Golf Balls are Little. Golf Balls are Heavy.

(Our Balls are Blue. They are Light).

Person had to Crack the Ice on my Rainwater Tub.

Anyway, here Zara Takes a Break from Looking for Things To Eat.

Zara Trumps. 

Zara Trumps because Zara Eats Things.


  1. Anonymous12:38 pm

    I love balls.
    Person says you look lovely in your winter coat.
    Zara looks like Kate that used to live with us until she was very old and went away. Monday I rolled in something in the woods that smelled delicious. I had to be sprayed off in the driveway when we got home. I do not like being sprayed off in the driveway. Though I do like being toweled off afterwards. Doyle

  2. When we have Fun, Persons make us Pay for it later. I Don't Like Water. I only like Drinking water. I prefer Rain Water. Zara likes rolling in Bird Poop and Fox Poop. Goose Poop STINKS.

  3. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Hi Pip,
    For a while it was very warm here - just like spring. Then yesterday it got cold and last night it snowed! I love to roll in the snow. My fur has grown out and persons say I look like a short woolly mammoth, what ever that is. Have you ever seen a mammoth? I go into our yard and first thing roll in the snow until I am covered, then I pee, then I run back inside still all covered with snow so persons will towel me off. Do you like snow?

  4. A Woolly Mammoth? No I don't like Snow. I am too Skinny and my hair is too Short. Person puts a coat on me. I don't like Wind either. It has been Very Windy here and Trees have blown onto the railway tracks and all the trains had to stop for a day. I am trying to tell Person that it's time she wrote up my blog again. Bye bye my long-distant Friend Doyle

  5. Anonymous11:42 am

    There is talk in our house. Talk of another dog coming to live with us. I think this is a bad idea. I do not want to share my bones. I do not want to share my balls. I do not want to share my persons. It is to happen at the start of the summer. Persons say Dudley will be 12 next week and I will be 10 in June. Persons say they need a succession plan. What is a succession plan? The man person knows someone who knows someone with a 1 year old male black lab that needs a new home. My man person thinks this would be a good dog to come and live with us. The woman person has said no. She has said that we need an older smaller dog and it's not time yet. The man is sad. He was excited about having another Labrador. I am glad that it will just be me and Dudley for now.

  6. I think you might like a Black Lab. I loved Monty the Mont but he became Very Sick and then Disappeared. Person doesn't know what a Succession Plan is. You would prefer the Black Lab to a Puppy jumping all over you. I had to put up with Pickle and then Zara jumping all over me. PS. I bet you my Best Bone that She Person will Give In.