Saturday, December 04, 2010

Schnauzers and Spaniels

Here are Rosie and Rowly in their New Home!

Person came home smelling of SPANIEL again last week.

Max is a Cocker Spaniel. Max is much BIGGER than Little Pickle.

Just occasionally Max Gets CROSS.

Max' Persons and Max' Young Persons are learning to Understand Max.

Then Max won't need to Get CROSS any more.

And this is Molly.

Molly is Nine Months Old.

Molly is a WORRIED Dog.

Molly Runs Away from her He-Person.

He is Sad because he Loves Molly.

Molly's He-Person is learning to Understand Molly.

Yesterday Molly went and sat beside him. He stayed Very Still.

Anyway, Pickle is not a Worried Dog.


I sometimes GET CROSS with Little Pickle.

I am sometimes a WORRIED Dog.

I am WORRIED by Little Pickle. Monty the Mont is WORRIED by Little Pickle.

Here he comes again...

He JUMPS all over us. He JUMPS at our faces.

Person should learn to Understood ME. She would then learn I like Meaty Bones.

Anyway, here is Funny Bella in the SNOW.

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