Tuesday, January 04, 2011


This is Jack. Jack has Very Big Ears for a Little Dog.

Jack was Peeing on the carpet. Jack was Peeing in the kitchen at night. Jack was Peeing in his bed. Jack was Peeing up the cupboards.

Jack Peed a message on Persons' work bag.

Person put her work bag in the washing machine.

Person said she didn't want me, or Little Pickle, or Monty the Mont to start using her work bag as a message board.

Now Person has just heard! Jack hasn't Peed Indoors once since she saw him!

Little Pickle has STRAGGLY Spaniel Ears.

Marmite has FLOPPY Sleepy Labrador Ears. And so does Monty the Mont.

My Ears are FLOPPY.

But I am a Sight Hound. I am also a HEARING Hound.


Milly has WIDE AWAKE Ears. Milly is ALERT.

Person went to see Cocoa last week. Cocoa has FLOPPY Labrador Ears like Marmite and Monty the Mont.

Cocoa's Labrador Ears are not SLEEPY Ears. Cocoa's Ears are WORRIED Ears.

Cocoa is Anxious.

Cocoa is Scared of Shiny Floors.

Now Cocoa is learning to be more CONFIDENT.

Then Person went to see Odie.

Odie has FLOPPY Labrador Ears also. Odie's Ears are BOUNCY Ears.

Odie's Ears FLOP Up FLOP Down FLOP Up FLOP Down as Odie JUMPS about.

Odie is now going to learn to BE CALM.

Odie is now learning to stop Jumping About.

Our Marmite is a Chocolate Labrador. Marmite is Lazy.

Poor Marmite has a Heart Condition.

And here is Hamish, with Brora.

Hamish is 6 and a half months old. Little Pickle is 6 and a half months old.

Hamish is a Border Collie.

Whenever a Person gets up or moves, Hamish runs about frantically searching the walls and ceiling for SHADOWS to CHASE.

Before Christmas Hamish had nearly stopped CHASING SHADOWS altogether.

Then... over Christmas.... lots of Persons came to his house.

It was Very Exciting for Hamish. It was Very Stressful for Hamish.

Then someone played the Chasing Reflections game with him.

So now Hamish is CHASING SHADOWS again.

(He should stop again soon because his Persons know what to do now).

Anyway, I am a MEERKAT.

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