Sunday, January 23, 2011

'The Time' had not come after all

No, this isn't Monty the Mont!

This is Jack. (Jack who opens doors).

Jack is a Calm Happy Dog at home.

Jack is not a Calm Happy Dog when out on Walks.

He Pulls and Pulls. He Goes Crazy when he sees Other Dogs.

The Dog Trainer said Jack was a Lost Cause.

But Person says in time Jack is not a Lost Cause at all.

Jack will become a Calm Happy Dog out on Walks, just like he is at home.

Because he Wants to. Not because he is Trained to.

And this is Toby.

Toby is scared of little Abi who has just started walking.

Here am I playing tug with Little Pickle and Milly.

Pickle runs very fast. He leaps right over furniture. He hides where I can't reach him.

You Can't Catch Me.


Person says Go Out and Do That Somewhere Else.

Anyway, Poor Marmite went to the Vet on Monday.

THE TIME had Come. Or so Persons thought.

But in the waiting room Marmite said Hello with a Staffie and a Golden Retriever.

In the Vet's room Marmite Wagged her Tail for the Vet.

So THE TIME had Not Come after all.

The Vet gave Marmite an injection. The Vet put pills down her throat.

THE TIME will Come another day.

Anyway, I think Little Pickle is a Lost Cause.

He is Somewhere Else for a while.

So THE TIME has Come for me to have a Rest.

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