Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poor Marmite.

Marmite doesn't feel well.

Poor Marmite CRIES. Poor Marmite WON'T EAT.

Marmite has been to the Vet.

The Vet put a Big Pink Pill Right Down her Throat.

Person tried putting a Big Pink Pill Right Down Marmite's throat.

Marmite SPAT it Out.

Tomorrow Poor Marmite goes to the Vet again.

Person must take a Urine Sample. Difficult, she says.

Me, I leave Urine Samples all over the place. So does Monty the Mont.

When Little Pickle does a Tiddle Tiddle Urine Sample Person gives him a Treat!

Little Pickle DUG a HOLE in his Soft Bed.

Now Pickle has a Tough Plastic Bed.

Little Pickle keeps his RUBBISH and TOYS in his bed.

Sometimes Little Pickle Cuddles up to Person.

Milly as taught Little Pickle how to use the Dog Flap.

Anyway, why doesn't Person give ME a Treat when I do a Urine Sample?

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