Saturday, July 24, 2010

Powder Puffy

I Smell a Rat. Grey Rat Wriggles Under the fence.

Grey Rat Quivers and Sniffs in the Honeysuckle Bush.


Anyway, last week Person went to see Maisie.

Person says Maisie is a Powder Puff.

A Powder Puff?

Maisie has been living with Lily and Tina for One Week.

Maisie's Hair is Shaven Short because it was Matted and Dirty.

Maisie is no longer Powder Puffy.

I'm not Powder Puffy either.

Here is Lily. Lily is Timid.

And here is Tina.

Tina is NOT Timid.

I am not Timid, and nor is that Grey Rat.

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