Friday, March 23, 2007

Puppies to Play With

My friend Ole is a Daddy. He doesn't live with the Mummy though. He just VISITED her. She is a Patterdale like Ole.

My Person says Fathers should Take Responsibility for their Children. Perhaps Ole should have ALL the puppies living with him so that he can Take Responsibility for his Children.

Ole's Persons are going to allow Ole to Take Responsibility for just one puppy.

Here is a picture

AND, my new friend Dizzy's Persons have given Dizzy a new puppy to play with.

I would Love a new puppy to play with.

I can't be a Daddy. I had The Operation.

Person's fourth born Luke is a Daddy and he lives with Lovely Louise and they have a Baby Girl. (I am not allowed to call her a Bitch).

Marmite has had The Operation as well because Monty the Mont is her Half Brother and if they had Puppies it's called In-Breeding. (Wolves don't do In-Breeding because only the Alpha Pair make babies. Then they Take Responsibility for their Children).

Anyway, if She-Person gave me a puppy to play with I could show it all the holes I dug under the fence when I was little but which I'm too big to get through any more.

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