Monday, June 16, 2014

Bones and Books

The other day Person Gave us each a Bone to Keep Us Busy.

Person had Guests. 

Guests are Persons who've not come to see Me! (Nor Monty the Mont, not Milly, Nor Zara and certainly Not Pickle).

Person made a BIG MISTAKE

The Bones Person gave us were Cooked Bones.

Next day I was ILL. Monty was ILL. Milly was ILL. Zara was ILL. And Little Pickle was ILL. 

We were ALL ILL.

We Ate Grass to Feel Better.

Anyway, Person's friend Lisa has written a Book. The Book is called The Heartbeat At Your Feet.

I Don't Like Books. 

Person Fixates on Books. When Person is Holding a Book she Ignores me.

Anyway, here is Pickle Pickling behind the Tree Fern.

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