Sunday, July 13, 2014

Monty the Mont is getting old

Before Person has even Thrown the Blue Ball, Little Pickle is Running.

Sometimes he Can't Find it.

Milly is Clever. Milly Keeps her Eyes on the Ball, Person says. 

(Eyes on the Ball?)

Zara doesn't Chase the Blue Ball. Zara prefers to Chase Pickle.


I am the Fastest Dog. 

I am a Sight Hound and I am a Speed Hound.

I Watch. I Wait. 

Monty Doesn't Do Chasing anymore.

Monty the Mont is Getting Old.

We like Rain Water best of all.

Pickle gets IN Water Rolls About.

Anyway, Monty the Mont has a White Muzzle.

Monty has White Hairs on his Face too.

I tried to tell you about Person's White Hairs, but she won't type it for me.

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