Sunday, August 31, 2014

Apples and Very Revolting Things


I started my Blog Eight Year Ago, when I was One.

Monty the Mont is nearly Eleven.

Sometimes Monty Can't Eat which is strange because Monty the Mont is Always Hungry. Monty has something called Steroids which Make him Eat.

Monty already lived with my Person when she Rescued me - when I was a Puppy.

Anyway, sometimes I don't eat. I'm Not Hungry.

Sometimes I eat Very Slowly so that Monty and Zara have to watch me and DROOL.

Monty Loves Apples. Milly Loves Apples. Little Pickle Loves Apples and Zara Loves Eating Everything, most especially Very Revolting things.

Person has put the old Puppy Pen around the little Apple Tree to Save the Apples.

Little Pickle can Climb Over the Puppy Pen. Person says he's like a Cat.

I Don't Like Apples.

Yesterday Person threw lots of food all over the field and we went on a Big Hunt. Or Monty, Milly, Pickle and Zara went on the Big Hunt.  

(Zara was still Hunting long after everyone else had Finished. Zara is Very Greedy).

I couldn't be bothered. I soon Gave Up.

I hope I don't have Steroids to Make Me Eat.

Anyway, Little Pickle likes Chasing the Ball best of all.

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