Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Monty in The Box


Monty the Mont is In this Box.

Or so Persons says.

We have a New Dog Den. Monty's not in our New Dog Den because he is In The Box.


Milly has been In Season yet again! I had to Hump her All By Myself.

Because Monty is In The Box now.

Pickle would rather be Sleeping or Pickling.

Zara used to play with Monty the Mont.

Now she wants Milly to Play instead.


Anyway, I found a Hedgehog in our Outside Kennel. 

Milly came To Sniff. Zara came To Sniff. Little Pickle came To Sniff.

Monty couldn't come To Sniff because he is in The Box.

Hedgehog lay Very Still and Very Small and Very Prickly.

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