Friday, April 28, 2017

Guns and a Disembowelled Chicken

Zara and Pickle SHOULD be Working Dogs.

Zara and Pickle are Gun Dogs.

Is Pickle A Nuisance because he's a Gun Dog Without a Gun?

But Zara isn't A Nuisance and Zara is a Gun Dog.

I'm a Sight Hound. I'm Not a Nuisance.

I sometimes Hear Bangs behind our Field.

Person says Oh Dear.

Because Pickle is a Gun Dog Without a Gun, Pickle has to Make Do with Disembowelling his Chicken

Milly isn't a Gun Dog. Milly isn't a Sight Hound.

Milly is a Guard Dog with Nothing to Guard.

She sometimes Tries to Guard Person.

Anyway, Pickle will have to Make Do with his Chewed Sucked Smelly Disembowelled Chicken.

And I can Sleep.

I Sleep a Lot now because I am Getting Old.

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