Tuesday, June 06, 2017

PicklExit and New Husky

Another Election.

Can I Vote for Picklexit?

Last night the Weather was Wild. Today the Weather is Wild.

I'm Not Going Out.

But Wet Pickle still Wants to Play.

Zara Loves Long Grass.

We Eat Long Grass. 

Person says We Look Like Cows.

Milly's Blue Tongue

Anyway, TV is Talking. Will May Get In?

May Get In?

May Has Gone. It's June.

Anyway, Grandchild Elle asked Person, Can I Have A Dog?

I Want a Husky.

(Oh NO Not Another Puppy)!

Instead, Person had a Better Idea.....



  1. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Hi Pip,
    Person says looks like May may be out.
    My birthday was Saturday. I am 10 now. For my birthday I got to swim in the lake and go to the big woods on the same day. Your person is very clever to call the new pet Husky. Is it a gerbil or a hamster? It would not be safe at our house with Dudley. He likes to dig out moles. His record, before he came to live with us, was 17 in one day. Did you know that I am a spaniel like Pickle? I am not a nuisance though. It is hot here now - person said 34C yesterday and 25C when we got up this morning. Persons say thank goodness for air conditioning. Your friend, Doyle

  2. i know you are a spaniel like Pickle, Doyle, and I forgive you for it. Husky is a miniature hamster. Pickle would eat it if he could. I would chase it. 17 moles! Moles Bite