Monday, May 02, 2016

May? May Not?


Person says it is Now May.

I was Born in a Rescue. Mum was a Saluki. Dad was a Labrador.

We were All Rescued Together.  Eleven Years Ago. 

In May.

So, Now is May

Surely, Now is Is.

When is May Not?

May Not is when Pickle Lies on My Sofa

May Not is when Pickle Takes My Chair

We May Eat Grass

Pickle May Eat Berries

Pickle May Sleep under Person's Duvet

I May be Eleven?

There is no May about it.

I AM Eleven.

Anyway, Person WILL give Zara a treat when she Comes In.

Person WILL give me a treat when I Come In.

Not MAY.


  1. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Happy Birthday Pip.

    It is now warm in Ohio. We have had a bunny massacre in the back yard. It was Dudley, not me, who found the nest of baby bunnies. Persons do not like when the bunnies get in the garden, but they were very sad to find the dead baby bunnies. They say the momma bunny was not too smart to build her nest in our yard. I like to chase bunnies, but I never catch them even though I am very fast. Sometimes I find turtles in the woods.

  2. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Hello Pip,
    I have had my birthday; now I am 9.
    Person has heard that England is leaving the EU. Will you have to move? Remember I am English too, so you must let me know what I have to do.
    Dudley and I found some lovely stuff in the woods. I rolled in it and he ate it and threw up all over the back seat of the man person's truck. Everything had to be cleaned - us and the truck. Even though he used soap, the lovely fragrance still lingers. The woman person tells us we are Dogs Non Grata.

    1. Happy Birthday Doyle! We are leaving the EU. Person says lots of people who voted out now have changed their mind. Pickle would love to have ben in the back of that truck with you. So would Zara. I'm getting fussy in my old age.