Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boxer, Greyhound, Lurcher and Red Hen

Person went to see a Lurcher called Jessie, a greyhound called Charlie

And a RED HEN.

Jessie is Brindled. Charlie is Brindled. I am a Pale Pip.

Charlie is a Retired Racing Greyhound. Charlie CHASED Hares.

But Charlie doesn't CHASE Red Hens.

I would. I would CHASE a Red Hen. Milly would CHASE a Red Hen. Little Pickle most certainly would CHASE a Red Hen.

Monty the Mont would BARK at us. STOP.

Anyway, Person says we won't have a Red Hen in our House.

She has no time to teach us Not To Chase Red Hens in Houses.

Next Person went to see two White Boxers. They had Black Blobs.

She says Ollie looks like a Pirate. He made her Laugh.

I make Person Laugh too.

Little Pickle makes Person Laugh. Little Pickle doesn't make ME Laugh.

Here he is with his head through his New Toy.

Person has found a New Toy that he Can't Shred.

Anyway, Person gave me her Cushion for my Favourite Chair.

Little Pickle can't Jump on me up here.

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  1. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Pip you sound great. I am a collie and i am red and white and live in Wales with a labrador x collie who is black. Our person takes us jogging in the morning and our other person takes us walking and playing in the evening. I LOVE playing but i also like to sleep on the sofa. Our person wanted one of Tilly's puppies but we wouldnt let her cos WE need her attention...