Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Broken Leg

Last week Person went to see Amy and Alfie.

They are Rough Haired Collies.

Amy is only 11 weeks old. Amy doesn't have Rough Hair. Amy has Soft Fluffy Hair.

Amy also has a Broken Leg.

Amy's Broken Leg is in a long Pink Bandage.

Amy can't run. Amy must not Play with Alfie.

Amy has to spend a Long Time in her Crate or Puppy Pen. This is to keep her leg safe.

Amy is a Very Good Girl because she doesn't Chew the long Pink Bandage.

Anyway, I have Short Wiry Hair.

Person says to me How can so much Hair fall out of you Pip.

She has got a Special Comb called a Furminator. She has to be very careful because my skin is Near the Top.

Here is a Picture of Denny who Person went to see a while ago. Denny is a Lurcher a bit like ME.

Del knows he is Very Important too, like me.

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