Saturday, February 13, 2010

On Rat Watch

I saw a Big Grey RAT slowly walking along the top of our fence.

I saw one RAT in the Early Morning. I saw another RAT in the Middle of the Day. I saw a RAT when it was getting Dark.


I am on RAT WATCH.

Marmite caught a RAT in our Field. All by herself.

Another day she caught Another RAT.

(Marmite can move Fast when she really wants to).

When RATS are Dead Marmite doesn't want them any more.

I don't like Dead RATS. You can't Chase Dead RATS.

Person says RATS spread DISEASE. She doesn't want Marmite to Catch RATS. She doesn't want Marmite to Catch DISEASE.

Person wouldn't want ME to Catch DISEASE either. Or Monty the Mont, or Milly.

So she is getting a Humane Rat Trap.

She will put Bacon or Kipper in the Humane Rat Trap. Because Bacon and Kipper are Very SMELLY.

The Humane Rat Trap will catch Whole FAMILIES of Rats because it's very Humane to feed RATS on Very SMELLY Bacon and Kipper.

Then Person will take them somewhere safe, to a field a Long Way Away.

Then she will open the cage and LET THEM GO.

Anyway, I hope Person will be Humane to me too. I like Very SMELLY Bacon and Kipper.

But Person I wouldn't Person to take ME to a field a Long Way Away and LET ME GO.

1 comment:

  1. If the food duzzent werk let me kno an I'll send yu wun ov Daddy's soks, wich smell ov kipper an cheez an bacon an coal, all at wunce. That shud get them in thare, if ownly to find owt wat is maykin the pong.

    Mr Scooter cort 6 rats in wun nite wunce! Thare waz a big faktry neer Granny's howse, ware they made lots ov pies an bred. They dident empty thare bins enuff. Hence, ratty parradice.