Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tail chasing

Alfie is a Lakeland Terrier. Alfie used to have a Long Hairy Tail.

I have a Very Long Thin Tail.

Alfie's Persons RESCUED him.

Alfie just could not stop going Round and Round and Round and Round, trying to Catch his Tail.

Then - he DID catch his Tail.

Oh Dear. Oh Dear.

Alfie bit the end off his Tail.

So now Alfie has a New Short Tail (the vet had to make Alfie's Tail tidy again).

Alfie has to wear a Lampshade until he no longer goes Round and Round and Round and Round.

Alfie's Persons are now teaching Alfie how to Calm Down.

Alfie's Persons are being Quiet for Alfie. Alfie's Persons are being Calm for Alfie.

(Sometimes Persons find it Difficult to be Quiet and Calm with dogs).

Soon Alfie won't need to go Round and Round and Round and Round any longer.

Soon Alfie will have a nice New Short HAIRY Tail.

Soon Alfie will be a Happy Dog.

Person visited Monty last week (no, not Monty the Mont!).

But Monty is a Black Labrador too. Monty is just seven months old.

Person says Monty makes her SMILE.

I make Person SMILE also.

Here is Monty.


Person went to see a Lurcher - like ME!

He is another Alfie. Lurcher Alfie has a long tail just like mine.

Lurcher Alfie has slanty eyes just like mine.

This is because he has Saluki eyes. Just like me!

Lurcher Alfie gets Very Upset when his Persons go out and leave him Home Alone.

Alfie has to go in his crate because he Creates Damage when he is left Home Alone.

Alfie once got So Upset that he Created Big Damage.

He Wrecked his Bed. He then Wrecked some Sheets.

Here is Alfie lying on his Wrecked Bed and Wrecked Sheets.

Already Alfie is no longer Upset when he is left Home Alone for a short time.

Soon he will no longer be Upset when he is left Home Alone for a longer time.

Anyway, I have a Very LONG THIN TAIL.

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