Monday, January 18, 2010

Zac who doesn't sleep at night

Person went to see Zac who DOESN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT.

Zac Wakes his Person up in The Night. So Zac's Person Doesn't Sleep in The Night either.

Zac lives with Issy.

They are both Chocolate Labradors like Marmite.

My dad was a Labrador. Not a Chocolate Labrador. My dad was Pale Labrador.

Here is Zac sleeping in The Afternoon. His head is on Issy.

Zac Sleeps in The Morning. Zac Sleeps in The Afternoon. Zac Sleeps in The Evening.


Every night Zac HUFFS and every night Zac WOOFS.

(The Neighbours don't want to hear Zac HUFFING and WOOFING in the Night Time. The Neighbours DO want to Sleep at Night).

Zac's Person has to STOP Zac HUFFING and WOOFING in The Night. Somehow.

Zac's Person is Very Very Very TIRED.

Person had to wake Marmite up to take her picture. (Milly has to be in all photos).

Marmite Sleeps most of The Morning.

Marmite Sleeps most of The Afternoon.

Marmite Sleeps most of The Evening.

Marmite Sleeps at Night.

Marmite does a LOT of Sleeping.

Soon Zac will Sleep at Night. Soon Zac's Person will Sleep at Night too.

Anyway, I have a New High Place to Sleep.


  1. I like your Winalot blanket!
    My Granny's cats aren't too good at sleeping through the night either. I wonder why?
    I like the photo of Zac resting his head on Issy!
    I'm glad you've got a nice sleepy place up out of any draughts there.
    Nose hugs!

  2. I am pleased to hear from you, Barkly Bear. x