Monday, May 04, 2009

Person went to see a Terrier called Poppy yesterday.

Poppy is a very NERVOUS Dog. Poppy Licks Doors and she can't stop. Poppy Chases Shadows and she can't stop. Poppy Sucks her Soft Toy and she can't stop.

Poppy PANTS a lot. Poppy DRINKS a lot. Poppy SHAKES a lot.

Person is showing Poppy's Persons how to Take Poppy's Stress Away. Soon Poppy will be more CALM and HAPPY.

Anyway, I'm not a NERVOUS Dog.

Here is Poppy's Cat. Poppy's Cat isn't NERVOUS either - until Poppy Chases her that is.

Here are Dandy and Jasper. They are Brothers. They are nine months old.

Dandy and Jasper had started Fighting. Especially over CHEWS.

Dandy and Jasper don't Fight over Chews any more.

1 comment:

  1. I hope Poppy gets better! Likkin dors is way straynge!

    I think that cat's upta sumthing...