Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kissing Karen

Karen came to see us. I haven't seen Karen for a Long Time.

And Silly Milly hasn't seen Karen for a long time.

Silly Milly was very SCARED when she saw Karen a Long Time Ago. Silly Milly is SCARED of persons, but she is Getting Better.

I just had to Kiss Karen, Monty the Mont just had to Kiss Karen, and Marmite just had to Kiss Karen too.

Silly Milly didn't want to be Left Out.

Soon Milly was Kissing Karen!

Person says Kissing Karen is PROGRESS.

For some reason it isn't Progress when I Kiss Karen.

Kissing Karen is Just Too Much when I do it, Much too Much when Monty does it, and Simply a Nuisance when Marmite does it.

Person has just visited a Utonagen. Her name is Leila.

Leila looks just like a WOLF.

Leila is nearly as Scared of Persons as Milly.

Person says Milly is Scared of Persons because puppies need to meet lots of different persons and see lots of different things before they are twelve weeks old.

Milly didn't get used to persons before she was twelve weeks old. She was in a shed called a Puppy Farm with just other dogs for company.

So Silly Milly will probably be a little bit Scared of Persons ALWAYS.

Anyway, I am never Scared of Persons

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