Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eyes and Eyebrows

I am a Sight Hound. I SEE EVERYTHING.

I SAW the Green Flower Pot that Silly Milly found (I did let her keep her Red Toy).

Person went to see a Lurcher called Del Boy. I am a Lurcher too!

Del Boy is Fearful of Persons he Doesn't Know. Del Boy is Fearful of Dogs
He's Getting Better now.

(I'm not Fearful of any Persons. I'm not Fearful of any Dogs).

Del Boy is Rough Coated with Bushy Eyebrows.

(I am Smooth Coated and I have Whiskers not Eyebrows).

Here is Del Boy with Bushy Eyebrows.

Anyway, I have NINE Whiskers over my right eye and I have ELEVEN Whiskers over my left eye.

Person Counted them.

1 comment:

  1. I hav wiskas AN eyebrows.

    Del Boy looks like he cud be a lot ov fun if he wer brayver.