Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Last Apple

Here is Milly. She is looking at our Last Apple.

I jump HIGH and grab apples for Marmite and Monty the Mont and Milly.


Now there is only One Apple left.

Person has been to see lots of Puppies recently.

Here is Winston who is six months old. Winston is a BROWN Cocker Spaniel.

Winston is the same BROWN as Marmite!

Winston likes to DIG HOLES.

Yesterday Person met Toby and Ruby. They are Patterdale Terriers. Toby and Ruby are 14 weeks old.

Toby and Ruby are brother and sister. They LOVE each other. They cuddle up together.

Toby and Ruby also FIGHT each other. Things Get Out Of Hand.

Persons says it's not Proper Fighting. They are Playing 'Who Is Top Dog'.

Ruby bites Toby's ear and Toby Screams. Toby Screams before Ruby's teeth even touch his ear! He Screams just in case.

When Toby Has Enough and he gets his own back.

Anyway, when I have to show Monty the Mont that I am Top Dog, Monty usually stands still. Monty doesn't Scream. He looks the other way. He looks the other way and waits for me to Stop.

Just sometimes, though, Monty the Mont Has Enough and gets his own back.

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  1. Hello Pip Winston looks just like my uncles Coco and Charlie. I bet he is lovely too.