Sunday, March 01, 2009

new toy

Person met Hector last week. Hector is a Great Dane.

Hector is ENORMOUS.

Hector is a VID. A Very Important Dog. Hector ate a VLS which is a Very Long Stick and Hector was In the News.

The vet pulled out the Very Long Stick.

Hector was Asleep at the time.

The Stick was Two Person Feet Long. My Person actually held The Stick in her hands.

Anyway, Milly has a New Toy. Milly's New Toy is Red and it Squeaks.

I have Milly's New Red Toy which Squeaks. It's mine.

I am not asleep. Not really.

Monty the Mont, Marmite and Milly can't have the New Red Toy. That is because I am a VID.

Milly can have her New Red Toy that Squeaks when I am ready.

Silly Milly sometimes chews sticks (and stones).

Silly Milly doesn't EAT them though.

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  1. Hector is such a great name for a Great Dane! But D'OH!!! Don't eat the stick! Good Lor! Good job he had a long body. Ouch!