Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eyes, arms and Legs

I am a Sight Hound. I can see a LONG WAY AWAY.

I can see Dogs in the distance going for Walks.

The other day I went for a Walk with Person. Just me. I was walking nicely beside Person and she Fell Over.

Person had a Black Eye.

I have Brown Eyes.

Today Person Went to see a German Shepherd called Ella.


Well, she GRABBED Person by her arm, she GRABBED Very Hard, as Person walked into Ella's house.

Person now has a BIG BRUISE.

Poor Ella is only 21 months old. She had been trained to GRAB people by their arms. Then, because she wasn't good enough at GRABBING people by their arms, they Got Rid Of Her. She was in Rescue Kennels for a whole year before her persons rescued her.

So now Ella must learn not to GRAB people by their arms.

Milly is a German Shepherd too, but Milly doesn't know how to GRAB people by their arms.

Anyway, if Person had four legs she would not have Fallen Over.

I have Four legs, so does Monty the Mont, so does Marmite and so does Silly Milly.

Dogs have four legs especially so they don't Blow Over when it's Windy.

Here are Marmite's four legs, and here is Monty the Mont looking puzzled.

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