Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow and feet

Yesterday Person gave me a Bone.

Person gave Monty the Mont a Bone, she gave Marmite a Bone, and she gave Silly Milly a Bone.

I wanted to Bury my Bone outside but the door was shut.

We Swapped Bones.

And we Ate Bones. Marmite Ate the most Bones.

Marmite eats SNOW too.

Today the snow is a FOOT deep. A PERSON FOOT that is, not a DOG FOOT.

In the snow Marmite has no Feet at all. Marmite has no legs either.

Here is poor Jester's foot after he tore his toe nail out.

And here are Milly's Feet after she dug a Big Muddy Hole the other day.


She brought the MOLE in to show Person. Then she Ate the Mole. In One Gulp.

Anyway, I expect there is another Mole for me to dig up.

When the Snow goes away.

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