Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top Dog

Monty the Mont stands over Silly Milly. He says I AM TOP DOG.

Monty the Mont tries standing over ME sometimes.



I am TOP DOG really - not Monty the Mont.

(I let Person think she's TOP DOG! Ha ha. I humour her).

When Milly and I play NOISY PLAY Monty gets Worried.

Monty doesn't like CONFLICT. He barks at us. He stands between us.

Me - well I LOVE CONFLICT with Silly Milly. I Love Conflict with Monty the Mont. Marmite is too lazy.

Conflict with Milly is difficult when Person is around. Conflict with Monty the Mont is difficult when Person is around.

This is because Person Breaks Up Conflict.

Person stands Very Still and Silent. She WAITS for us to stop. She waits and she waits.


Or she keeps walking backwards and forwards between us till we just give up.


Anyway, Person went to see a dog called Millie. Yes, ANOTHER Milly.

Millie is a Beagle. Once, before her Persons rescued her, Millie lived in a pack of Hunting Hounds.

Then she got lost or stolen.

So now Millie was an Only Dog.

While her Persons were out at work each day she was so Unhappy she HOWLED and HOWLED. She broke things. She hurt herself. She toiletted indoors.

The vet gave her some Happy Pills.

My Person showed Millie's Persons how to slowly to get her ok with being all alone.

Slowly, slowly, slowly Millie got better. Slowly slowly the vet the cut down the Happy Pills.


Dillon is five months old. Dillon is Very Playful.

Sometimes Dillon and Millie do a little bit of Conflict.

Dillon and Millie LOVE each other.

Here are some more Happy Dogs.

One of them is Jester who writes on my Message Board.

Which one is Jester?

Jester is the one in the Middle.

I should be there too. We could play Chase. We could CONFLICT. Even FIVE Paterdales would never catch ME.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Silly Season

Silly Milly is being Very Silly. Milly is In SEASON.

It is Milly's SILLY SEASON.

Last time it was Spring. This time it is Autumn.

Milly Prances around me. She Paws me. She Barks at me. She Wriggles her Bum at me.


Person says that's because I have No Balls.

No Balls? There are two Yellow Tennis Balls and one Red Rubber Ball in the box with our Old Bones.

Anyway, I'm glad she doesn't have Summer and Winter as well. Spring and Autumn is quite enough, thank you.

Marmite can't have a Silly Season. Marmite has had The Operation. (I hope Milly soon has The Operation also).

Anyway, I love Monty the Mont best of all.

Every evening He-Person says Where's that Flaming Chocolate Dog?

Marmite is outside, in the dark, hoovering up the bird seed.

Person went to see a Portuguese Potengo on Sunday.

Here he is. His name is Tom.

Tom barks when he is Sad or Scared when his Persons go out and leave him by himself.

Then Person went to see Barkly Bear.

Barkly Bear is a Labradoodle and he is Petrified of Traffic.

His Tail goes Between his Legs; he Licks his Lips.

Person said Don't take him near Traffic for now. Not until he is ready.

Here is Barkly Bear looking a little Worried.

Anyway, here I am trying to get Monty the Mont to PLAY.