Friday, June 11, 2010

Bleeding and Twitching


Person came home to find Drop Drop Drops of ........ BLOOD.

And...then she found ME.

I have a New WOUND.

Only a Little WOUND, but Lots of BLOOD.

Person says I was trying to put my Nose somewhere my Nose Should Not Be.

Anyway, here I am Bird Watching.

Ring Neck Doves are Nesting in the Trees.

But Person says Proper TWITCHERS don't BARK.
They are Very Very Quiet and STILL.

I can be Very Very Quiet and STILL, but Marmite can't. Nor can Monty the Mont. Nor can Milly.

Here is Teebo.

Teebo sometimes TWITCHES when he Sleeps.

Perhaps he is dreaming of Ring Neck Doves.

Teebo is Scared and Hides when his Person does Texting.

(Texting is a sort of TWITCHING that Persons do with their Fingers. It makes little clicking sounds).

I TWITCH when I dream of Chasing Ring Neck Doves.

Person went to visit Tux. Tux has a Dreamy Sad Face.

But Tux is not as Dreamy as he looks!

Tux can be TWITCHY when he is Wary.

Anyway, I have a New WOUND....


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