Saturday, January 19, 2013

I have a New Coat

Person says Zara is a Good Girl.

Zara is such a Goody Goody.

Zara is such a GREEDY Goody Goody.

Zara is always Looking For Something To Eat.

Monty the Mont used always to be Looking For Something To Eat.

But Monty the Mont has been in HOSPITAL.
Monty went to Hospital because he was no longer Eating Quickly.

I don't Eat Quickly. I Eat SLOWLY.

I Crunch Crunch Crunch. One bit at a time.

Monty, Milly, Pickle and Zara watch me and DROOOOOOL. Especially Zara.

Anyway, it's snowing outside.

Person has bought me a New Coat. 

It's because I'm Skinny. 

And because I am a Good Boy.

Monty the Mont is now Eating again. 

Monty isn't Skinny.

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