Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dead Baby Mole

We all are WAITING. Waiting till we are ALL Calm.

Waiting for Pickle to be Calm.

WAITING to go into the Field.

But where's Pickle? (where's Wally?).

Anyway, today Pickle dug a Mole Hill. Pickle dug up a Baby Mole and Zara helped him.

Now he is Protecting his Baby Mole.

He didn't Mean to Kill it. It Just Died.

Milly wants the Dead Baby Mole. Zara wants the Dead Baby Mole.

Pickle doesn't Growl.

Person says she is Proud of us because we Don't Quarrel over Dead Baby Moles.

But Person says she's Sad. Sad for a Baby Mole. SAD??

I'm not interested in Baby Moles and nor is Monty the Mont.

I'm not quite sure what Sad is.....

....unless it's what I feel when Person stops me Chasing Little Pickle.

Anyway, Little Pickle has now given his Dead Baby Mole to Person in exchange for a Marrowbone Markie and we can at last go into the Sitting Room.

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