Friday, September 27, 2013


Person is giving us Magic Tablets.  


Hmmmm. I know all about Person and her Conditioning. 

I hear her at her desk Talking to Invisible Persons about Conditioning. 

"You must Condition Your Dog to Come When Called".

I am Conditioned Not to Chase Little Pickle. 

Milly is Conditioned to Lie Down when a Someone Comes In. 

Pickle is Conditioned to Get Excited whenever Person stands up. She may Take Us Out.

(Person tries to UNcondition him by Sitting Down again). Maybe a Magic Tablet will do the trick.

We do it for food really. 

Anyway, Person says Silly Milly is Less Anxious.

Person says that Monty the Mont has More Energy.

Person says I have a Lovely Coat and the Hair on my Tummy is Growing. 

So, why can't Conditioning Tablets Condition Pickle to Stop Pickling?.

I'm just checking what he is Getting Up To behind me, 

And what Zara has been Eating that she shouldn't.

Hmmmmmm. I wonder.... If Person were to give Pickle Extra Conditioning Tablets, could he be Conditioned Not to Annoy Me?

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