Sunday, August 26, 2007

Going to Work

Person has been to see lots and lots of dogs because she is a Dog Listener.

So, Person has been Too Busy to write my Blog for me.

But there is good news. Pippin has a New Home. Pippin's NEW Persons have a lot more time for Pippin, and Pippin's new He-Person even takes Pippin to Work.

WORK is something Persons do. Dog Listening is my Person's Work. I would like Person to take me with her to her Work.

Today if I had gone to Work with Person I would have met Bella and Bella is just ten weeks old. Bella is a Golden Retriever. Person says Bella is Very Determined. (Person sometimes says that I am Very Determined, so Very Determined must be good).

In this picture Bella is THINKING.

Bella has just nipped my Person on the finger and Person SQUEELED - just like I would Squeel if Bella bit me. Person turned her back on Bella and walked away. So Bella is now THINKING.

Anyway, If I went to Work with Person and Bella had nipped me, I wouldn't have Squeeled.

I would have NIPPED Bella back.

Then Bella would know not to nip ME again.

1 comment:

  1. Ah yes, Bella looks like a very deep thinker indeed. In fact, it looks like she's planning something.