Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Something very sad is happening about Pippin.

A little while ago I told my Blog about Pippin. He is a brindled Staffie Boxer cross my Dog Listener Person went to see (I'm called Pip).

When my Dog Listener Person left Pippin's house, she whispered to her I love you and I would like to put you in my bag and take you home.

I didn't know if I wanted a Brindled Staffie Cross in my Home - especially a Brindled Staffie Cross called Pippin. I already have Monty the Mont and I have Marmite to teach I'm BOSS. (Monty the Mont doesn't agree).

Anyway, Person says Brindled Staffie Cross Pippin's own Persons wouldn't let her come to my home.

Now Pippin's Persons are going a LONG WAY AWAY to somewhere called the Middle East. They can't take Pippin. This is because she is half Staffie and Not Allowed in the Middle East (I'm half Saluki - would I be Allowed in the Middle East?)

So Pippin needs a New Home.

My Person says she LOVES Pippin, but now she says we can't have her. Person says she can't come and live here really. But I could learn to like her, so could Monty the Mont. Marmite would like her straight away.

Person says she LOVES me. I hope she keeps having me living here and doesn't send me away if Half Saluki is Not Allowed in the Middle East.


  1. Oh! Oh! That is reelly sad! Wat is goin to happen to poor Pippin? My Granny luvs that type ov dog. But she has cats so carnt hav wun. Oh! I hope she is ok. I'd hate my Mummy an Daddy to run away from home an leeve me behind!