Saturday, October 27, 2007


Yesterday I heard a BIG BANG.


Then another BIG BANG. Person looked up and said Fireworks. Then Person just went back to watching Casualty. That must be OK then.

So I went back to sleep on Person's feet.

I'm not scared of firework BANGS. Monty the Mont isn't scared of firework BANGS. Marmite isn't scared of firework BANGS.

When bright lights FIZZ and SHOOT and EXPLODE and SHOWER DOWN in the sky, I sit outside on our veranda, Monty the Mont sits outside on our veranda and Marmite sits outside on our veranda.

Sometimes Person sits outside on our veranda with us.

We watch the fireworks FIZZING and BANGING and EXPLODING and SHOWERING DOWN.

Because my Person is a Dog Listener she is helping other dogs not to be scared of BANGS and FIREWORKS. She shows Owner Persons how to behave like she does.

My Dog Listener Person says to Owner Persons Don't Fuss and Cuddle and Comfort Your Dog because it will think you are SCARED and WORRIED. Act NORMAL.

Anyway, I like Person Cuddling and Fussing me. It makes me feel IMPORTANT.

When I get to feel toooooo IMPORTANT Person does her Dog Listening on me and IGNORES me.


  1. Ooo I dent like the firewerks. They mayke me jump. They're like thunder. I donb't like that either! Oooo I hope the firewerks ar all over now!

    Nose hugs!


  2. Jus poppin by to say hullo... tum te tum te tum....