Friday, November 23, 2007

Getting into a STATE

Person went to see a VERY BIG DOG this week.

The VERY BIG dog's name is Turkish. Turkish is an English Mastiff. Turkish lives with Stella who is the same colour as ME!

Turkish may be VERY BIG, but sometimes Turkish can be VERY SCARED.

Turkish is also very Gentle. His Persons are now letting Turkish understand that Persons are IN CHARGE. Soon Turkish won't be Scared any longer.

Person then went to see a White Border Collie called Bing.

Bing is only 9 months old. Bing was in Kennels until she was Five Months Old because nobody wanted her! Bing is DEAF and Bing is Nearly BLIND and Bing has a lovely home now.

I'm a Sight Hound so I'm not Nearly Blind. I'm a Hearing Hound too. I can Hear EVERYTHING. I can hear Hedgehogs under the bonfire in our field.

Poor Bing gets Very Confused.

Bing GETS INTO A STATE. Bing Spins and she Snaps the Air and she Barks and she Pants.

My Dog Listener Person showed Bing's He-Person how to do Calm Freeze.

So, Bing's He-Person held Bing for a Long LONG Time. He held onto Bing FIRMLY and CALMLY.

Then Bing lay down. Bing became CALM. Then Bing sighed.

A little while later Bing was quite OK and she went off to play. So now Bing's Persons know what to do when Bing GETS INTO A STATE.

It's time now for me to go out and look at my New Hole in the field. (Dog Listeners say Digging Holes is something to do with Status. Weird). I'm just Digging for MOLES.

Bing could Dig for Moles if she was with me and Marmite and Monty the Mont in our field. You don't need to SEE and you don't need to HEAR to dig up Moles. Bing could SCENT moles.

Anyway, because I'm a Hearing Hound and I can hear EVERYTHING, I shall be able to hear if He-Person comes to see what that Bloody Pip's up to.

When He-Person catches me Digging Holes, he GETS INTO A STATE too.


  1. Yor very brayve.

    I don't like dogs hoo hav mouths as big as me.


  2. Digging holes!!! The bane of my life (I'm Wizzle and Charlie and Paddy's mum). Are they really looking for moles?
    Sorry if you hate these I thought you'd been an interesting dog-tag