Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

Persons have this thing called Christmas. It's something to do with a Baby Person who was born Long Long Ago.

Baby Person Eddie came here last week. Baby Person Eddie was born 5 Months Ago. I was born 30 Months Ago.

Baby Person Eddie does CRYING when he wants something. Person gives him what he wants.

If I do Crying or if Monty the Mont does Crying or if Marmite does Crying, Person doesn't give US what we want. She goes away and does something else.

I love Baby Eddie Person. He Smells Interesting.

I wonder whether the Baby Person born Long Long Ago Smelt Interesting too?

Some dogs my Dog Listener Person goes to see have BIRDS living Inside their Home.

A Black Dog called Charlie has a Crow living with him.

Charlie's Crow flies around the House. Charlie's Crow can TALK Person-Talk.

Another Dog who lives with a Bird is Shelly. Shelly is a White German Shepherd. Shelly also lives with Chihuahua called Rosie. Shelly and Rosie have a Cockateel.

My Dog Listener Person went to see a Boxer Dog called Fred. Person went to see Fred because he did TOO MUCH BARKING.

Fred has a Parrot living with him. Parrot was born Long Long Ago because she is a Very Old Bird.

Parrot says BED FRED and Fred goes to his bed. Parrot says WOOF WOOF and Fred BARKS and then Parrot shouts SHUT UP FRED.

Parrot makes Car-Stopping noises and Fred BARKS then Parrot shouts SHUT UP FRED.

Parrot can make Doorbell noise. Fred runs to the door and BARKS and Parrot goes WOOF WOOF SHUT UP FRED.

My Person says she's not a Parrot Listener. I think I heard Person say Sellotape and Beak.

Anyway, I don't know if I can do Christmas. But I can do MERRY.

It's hard to do MERRY quietly.

So have a MERRY Christmas.

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  1. Hehhee! Fansy havin that crow livin wiv yu! That wud be fun! Yu cud send him to the door if ever enywun calld hoo yu dident want to let in! Hehehe!

    Hope yu had a good Crismosss!

    Happy new year!