Sunday, January 13, 2008

My New Wound

I have a NEW Wound.

Nobody heard me SCREAM this time.

Monty the Mont and Marmite Cornered me behind the Bonfire and I ran into something SHARP and STICKING OUT. I kept running but my Skin stayed still.

I have SEVEN Stitches.

Person thinks that I can't CHEW my New Wound and Person thinks I can't SCRATCH my New Wound. This is because Person has bought me a Corderoy COAT.

I heard someone say Big Girls Blouse.

I Love my Corderoy Coat and I wear it all the time.

Person thinks I can't get my Nose under my Corderoy Coat to Lick my New Wound.

While I waited for the Vet to Take me Away, I talked to a Chocolate Labrador just like Marmite. I lay on my back with my legs in the air and she Kissed me.

Chocolate Labrador's Persons looked at my New Wound and said
Oh Dear.

The Vet looked at my New Wound and the Vet said Oh Dear.

It was a Boring Day. I was in a Cage all morning.

When Person came to fetch me I felt ODD. I said Hello to a Spaniel, then I jumped into the car (OUCH) and went to sleep.

Anyway, I am getting my Corderoy Coat as dirty as I can now. When Person takes my Corderoy Coat to wash it, I will be able to show EVERYONE my New Wound.


  1. Ouch!

    Dilly hope be better soon!

    Don't lik wound- Mama mite put big collar on yor nek! Then not be abol reach tummy or nuthin!

    Sendin hugs,


  2. I hope yor better. Pleez let us kno!!!! I miss yu!