Thursday, March 06, 2008

That Pip

Person calls Monty the Mont Monty.

Person calls Marmite Marmite.

Person calls me That Pip.

What is That Pip up to. Where is That Pip. What has That Pip done now.

I have a New Bed. Monty the Mont has a New Bed and Marmite has a New Bed.

My bed is never the Bed I am actually lying on. It is either the Bed Monty the Mont is lying on, or it is the Bed Marmite is lying on.

My Person went to see Maisie yesterday. Maisie is a Chocolate Labrador and she is Twelve Weeks Old. But Maisie isn't Too Fat like Marmite.

Maisie has found out she is just big enough to jump up on the sofa.
I think Maisie's Persons will soon be calling her That Maisie.

Anyway, just now I have Two New Beds all to myself.

1 comment:

  1. I feel for yu.

    I often hear them saying "THAT BEAR"