Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Home Alone

Here I am with Milly in our field.

On Sunday Person came home smelling of a Weimerana called Bailey.

Bailey is very ANXIOUS when he is left Home Alone. Now Bailey is very SCARED when his Person comes back home.

When he is left Home Alone, Bailey is so ANXIOUS that he CHEWS things and sometimes WEES.

Last Thursday Bailey's Man Person came home and found a MUCH BIGGER MESS than ever before.

Bailey was hiding.

Bailey's Person walked into the kitchen and found a BIG POO.

Bailey's Person was ANGRY.

Bailey's Person walked through the house and found lots of WEES.

Bailey's Person became MORE ANGRY.

Bailey's Person went upstairs and found DOG SICK on the bedroom floor.

Cupboards were open and there was MESS EVERYWHERE.

Bailey's Person was VERY VERY ANGRY with Bailey.


Then Bailey's Person realised that a BURGLAR had been in the House.

Then Bailey's Person was so VERY VERY SORRY he had been angry with Bailey.

Bailey didn't understand 'sorry'.

So now my Person has shown Bailey's Persons how never to get angry with Bailey, and what to do instead.

She told him DOGS ARE NEVER NAUGHTY. They always have a Good Reason.

That means I can go back to digging in the field and pulling up the black stuff under the shingle that stops the weeds growing through, then.

Person is never Angry with Silly Milly. Person is not Angry with Milly, even when she pulls up the black stuff under the shingle in the garden like I showed her.

Anyway, I am never Home Alone, Monty the Mont is never Home Alone, Marmite is never Home Alone and Milly Molly is never Home Alone.

Because when Person goes out, we have each other.

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