Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Good and Bad

Silly Milly is trying to be BAD. Person says she is now at THAT AGE.

Silly Milly is trying very hard to be BAD, but Person has never told her what BAD is.

Person has only ever told Silly Milly what GOOD is.

When Milly Jumped on the Sofa, Person told her that Jumping OFF the Sofa was GOOD.

When Milly Chewed my Collar, Person told her that Giving Person my Collar was GOOD.

When Milly Dug a Big Hole in the Field, Person told her that Coming AWAY from her Big Hole was GOOD.

When Milly Jumps at the Gate, Person tells her that Getting DOWN from the Gate is GOOD.

I have been Doing my Best to help Silly Milly discover what BAD is.

Person went to see a Big German Shepherd called Major the other day. Major is Very BIG and Very STRONG. Major knows he is Very HANDSOME.

Major has Tufty Ears just like Milly.

And here are Silly Milly's Tufty Ears.

Person went to see a Golden Labrador called Bella the other day and Bella had Eight Puppies.

Labrador Puppies PLAY a lot. Labrador Puppies POO a lot. Labrador Puppies WEE a lot.

Labrador Puppies SLEEP a lot.

Anyway, Labrador Puppies don't have Tufty Ears, and neither do I.

Tally and Lolepop and Jester are Parsons Terriers. They live with Persons' Friend Ann and they did Dash and Spash. They had to DASH along a ramp and LEAP as FAR as they could into the water. SPLASH.

Person says Dash and Splash is like Long Jump for Dogs.

Here is Jester Swimming after his SPLASH.

Anyway, I like Short Jump and Splash and Swim into the River with Monty the Mont and Marmite. Silly Milly has not been swimming in the River with us yet.


  1. LOL! Por silly Milly!
    I hav a sister calld Silly Dilly! HA!

    Look at all thoze pups!
    I can imagin that duz amownt to alot of poo, yes! Hehe!


  2. Yes, I agree! Lab puppies sleep a lot. haha! Now that my Lab is 2 years old, we are now concentrating on teaching him to sit, stay and go. I think I should train him first in distinguishing the GOOD and BAD.