Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Season

Silly Milly is In SEASON.

I am in SEASON too. I am in Winter. It is a Foggy morning.

Silly Milly is On HEAT. So is Milly in Summer? (I am in Winter, Monty the Mont is in Winter and Marmite is in Winter).

Person says I am being very BOSSY just now because Silly Milly is In SEASON.

I don't think Silly Milly knows what On HEAT is. I am trying to show her. Person says Humping Milly won't make Baby Dogs because I have No Balls. (Baby Dogs???)

Here is Silly Milly coming through the Dog Flap - with a Ball.

And here is Silly Milly with Two Balls.

Anyway, it is Christmas soon. Perhaps I will be given a Ball for Christmas. Or Two Balls.

And then it will be Spring.

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