Thursday, December 18, 2008

Three Kings of Orien Tar

I have a New Place to BE.

My New Place is HIGHER than Monty the Mont, HIGHER than Marmite and HIGHER than Silly Milly.

I like being HIGHER.

From my new HIGH PLACE I shall be able to see when Three Kings bring me Bones and Squeaky Toys and Chews.

I like being IN FRONT too.

Yesterday after dark there was Singing outside our house. Person said it was the Round Table.

I couldn't see any Round Table. I could only see a Chair.

The Chair looked like my new HIGH PLACE and it was on a moving trailer. Sitting on the Chair was a Man Person with a Red Hat and a White Beard shaking a tin of money.

The singing was called We Three Kings of Orien Tar.

Anyway, I know there is no such thing as Father Christmas really because Person told me.

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