Tuesday, March 09, 2010

No More Lampshade

You will remember Alfie the Very Stressed Dog with the Lampshade over his head?

Alfie Spun Round and Round and Round and Round and he bit the end off his Tail.

So the vet made Alfie a smart new shorter tail. Then Alfie bit the end off his tail - again.

So Alfie had to wear the Lampshade - all the time.

The Lampshade went Clatter Clatter as Alfie Spun, banging against things. Clatter Clatter Clatter.

Now there is no more Clatter Clatter Clatter for Alfie.

Alfie has no more Lampshade!

He has a BiteNot Collar instead.

Now Alfie spins Round and Round only Just Sometimes. Alfie is Calming Down. Alfie looks Very Smart.

And he can't bite his tail.

I would need a Very Looooong BiteNot Collar to stop me Biting my Tail.

I have a Very Loooooong Neck.

And I have a Very Very Looooooong Tail.

Anyway, here I am Singing: I Want To Come In.

Person says I could win Popstar Operastar.

Monty the Mont is Yawning.

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