Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home Alone

Last week Person went to see another Alfie.

Person has been to see several Alfies lately.

This Alfie is Little Yorkie Alfie.

Little Yorkie Alfie is Very Very Unhappy when his Person goes out without him.

Little Yorkie Alfie has Little Yorkie Sadie to keep him company, but he still Very Very Unhappy when his Person leaves him.

Little Yorkie Alfie HOWLS all the time his Person is away.

Little Yorkie Alfie Watches and Waits and HOWLS by the window.

Sometimes Little Yorkie Alfie is so DISTRESSED that he toilets indoors.

Little Yorkie Sadie may think she should join in and HOWL too.

In a while Alfie will not HOWL any more when his Person goes out without him.

Do you remember Lurcher Alfie I told you about recently?

Lurcher Alfie Cried and Panted and Wrecked his Bed when his Persons went out and left him Home Alone.

Alfie doesn't Cry or Pant any more when he is left Home Alone. (He still likes to Wreck his bed though).

Person says maybe Lurcher Alfie now thinks Wrecking is what a bed is for - especially a bed filled with FLUFF.

A Wrecked Bed with FLUFF makes a Comfy Nest.

And here is Lurcher Alfie now.

Anyway, I'm a Pip, not an Alfie.

To Monty the Mont I am a Pillow.

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