Monday, March 28, 2011


Pickle is on My High Place.

Tilly is a Keeshund. A Keeshund is a Dutch Barge Dog.

Sometimes I am an English Barge Dog. Barging can Hurt.

So is that why Tilly is Fluffy?

I sometimes Barge Monty the Mont. I sometimes Barge Milly.

Unfortunately for them I'm not Fluffy like Tilly.

I don't Barge Little Pickle off My High Place. I WOOOF LOUDLY until Person takes him away.

Little Pickle is Asleep under Person's Desk with the Fluff out of his Ferret Toy.

Tilly is going to have Puppies.

Fluffy Puppies.

Person says Tilly's Fluffy Puppies will be BEAUTIFUL.

Uh-oh……please no.....not another puppy.

Anyway, this is Koni.

Koni lives at the Dog Friendly Pub.

Barging isn't Dog Friendly.

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