Monday, March 07, 2011

No Shockers

Yesterday Little Pickle went to Vet Charles.

This is because Person doesn't want Milly to Have Puppies.

Little Pickle goes to Vet Charles to prevent Milly from Having Puppies?

Person says we don't want any Little Shepherd-Cocker Shockers.

Anyway, we have FIVE Balls. One Ball Each and a Spare. Person Throws them for us in our Field.

Last week Person went to see Archie. Archie is Twelve Weeks Old.

Archie is another....... Cocker Spaniel.

Archie lives with Duncan. He is a Cocker Spaniel too.

Person also went to see Pluto who is a BIG GREAT DANE.

I told you about Lurcher Noodles. Here are her Fluffy Saluki Ears.

Little Pickle has Fluffy Ears Too.

Anyway, Post Operative Care for your Dog after Neutering says AVOID ENERGETIC BEHAVIOUR.

I wish.

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