Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow and Bryony the Grey Greyhound

Person opened the door this morning to let us out, and everything was WHITE.

I love Playing in the Snow. So does Monty the Mont and so does Marmite.

Marmite Eats Snow. When Marmite is in the Snow she nearly has no legs. This is because the Snow is Deep and Marmite's legs are Short.

We had Very Very Good News yesterday. Jenny Dog Listener has taken Grey Greyhound Bryony from the Rescue Kennels to live with her For EVER.

Jenny Dog Listener took Grey Geryhound Bryony to her home to meet her other Greyhound called Bruce. She took Briony just for one weekend to see how they all got on, and then she took Briony back to the Kennels until later. That was because Jenny Dog Listener goes Out to Work. She wanted to be at home when Bryony started living with her and with Bruce For EVER.

But when Grey Greyhound Bryony went back to Rescue Kennels she Cried and she Howled all night. She wanted to be back with Bruce. So Jenny Dog Listener picked Bryony up the very next day and took her home to live with Bruce For EVER.

So now Bryony is a Very Lucky Dog and she's a Very Happy Dog. She will now be a Very Warm Dog. Because she now lives with a Dog Listener she will be a Very Well Understood Dog. And Bryony won't have to stand outside in the Snow all by herself. She can Play in the Snow with Bruce. (If you click 'Bryony' under the picture of me and Monty the Mont in the Snow, you will see about Bryony).

Anyway, it's now time to go Outside to Play in the Snow again. I will need to wake Monty the Mont and make him come out to Play with me. Marmite is too tired.

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