Saturday, February 03, 2007

Terrified Terrier

Do you remember I told you about Terrified Terrier? Terrified Terrier was frightened of Rain. He was frightened of Wind. He was frightened of Noises on TV. He was frightened of Noises in the night. He was frightened even of Soft Noises.

In his Panic Terrified Terrier tried to Climb walls, he tried to Climb curtains and he tried to Climb doors. Terrified Terrier Screamed and he Panted. At night his Persons had to shut him in a Crate for his safety. Terrified Terrier would make his feet and mouth bleed trying to Escape.

Just Two Days after my Person went to see Terrified Terrier and explained to his Persons how to be Alpha Wolves for him, Terrified Terrier just stopped being Terrified. Now he is taking no notice of Noises any more. He is chilling out in front of the TV. He is no Longer a Terrified Terrier.

I wonder what Terrified feels like? Marmite doesn't understand Terrified either. Monty the Mont will remember feeling Terrified as a Puppy, when Magic our German Shepherd nearly Killed him. That was before Magic and Monty the Mont became best friends.

Monty the Monty still feels a little bit Terrified if he is left All Alone.

Anyway, Monty the Mont isn't left All Alone much, because he has me and he has Marmite.

Sarah Bear who is Person's First born has gone Skiing. This means Sarah Bear is sliding down a Snowy Mountain trying not to Fall Over. There are Lots and Lots of Persons sliding down the Snowy Mountain with her trying not to Fall Over or to Crash Into each other. Strange.

My steps into the Field were white and slippery this morning and I almost Slid Down them. Here is Marmite at the top of the Slippery Steps.

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