Sunday, May 20, 2007

A dog that doesn't like Walks!

My Person came home from Dog Listening smelling of two Black Labradors and a Ginger CAT last Wednesday.

One of the Black Labradors is called Ebony. Ebony is SCARED. Ebony doesn't like Walks. Doesn't like Walks! I LOVE Walks (really Walks are Hunts, Sniffs and Runs).

Monty the Mont is a Black Labrador, but Monty isn't SCARED like Ebony when he's out on Walks.

Ebony has her Tail Down and she Hangs Back. If Ebony's Person lets her off-lead, Ebony runs away and doesn't come back for a Long Time.

Ebony's Person had sent Ebony away to stay with a Dog Trainer for a Whole Week.

Afterwards, the Dog Trainer told Ebony's Person to Hide and to Watch. The Trainer walked past with Ebony.

Ebony had no lead and she walked happily beside the Dog Trainer. Ebony's Tail was Waggy and she was Smiling. Then the Dog Trainer sent Ebony away to play with two other dogs in a field. Then he called Ebony back and she came right away.

Ebony's Person said Ebony looked like a Different Dog. She had never before seen Ebony looking happy on a walk, with her Tail Waggy.

My Tail Is Curly and Waggy, Monty the Mont's Tail is Straight and Waggy just like Ebony's and so is Marmite's.

Sadly, as SOON as Ebony was back home with her Person she was Scared again.

As SOON as Ebony's Person put the lead on Ebony's tail Went Down. As SOON as Ebony's Person took Ebony's lead off, Ebony ran away again and didn't come back for a Long Time.

My Person said it just shows Ebony Never Needed a Dog Trainer.

My Dog Listener Person showed Ebony's Person how to behave like an Alpha Wolf, just like the Dog Trainer did.

My Person won't be sending me away to live with a Dog Trainer for a Whole Week. Anyway, I have learnt to play her Dog Listening Games. Monty the Mont learnt to Play Person's Dog Listening Games. (Person says Marmite is getting a bit Above Herself lately so Marmite is being IGNORED for a while).

Here is a picture of Ebony, Inca and the Ginger CAT (Ebony is at the back):

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  1. Poor Ebony. Give her some ear hugs from us.